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This specific page is about two-wheeled scooters, what the public are calling “hoverboards.” For purposes of ease we will refer to them as hoverboards.

There are a variety of models ranging from $200-600. Our goal is to help you choose which hoverboard for sale is right for you. Don’t skimp on a cheaper model, as it will result in you unhappily sitting around trying to fix it! We guarantee it.

Our Top Four Hoverboards for Sale


If you want a good, affordable and very high quality hoverboard for sale then the Refurbished Orbit Hoverboard is definitely one of the devices to keep in mind. What makes this product very good is the fact that not only it looks amazingly well, it also manages to bring in front a wide range of great, interesting and exciting features. For example, it has lighting right under the place where you put your legs, something that really delivers quite a show and makes this device exciting to use.

At the same time it’s also one of the few hoverboards for sale on the market that is very easy to maneuver and a lot of fun to use because of that. The controls are registered immediately and you will have no problem going with it anywhere you want, without any restrictions.

Aside from that, the Orbit Hoverboard comes in multiple colors even though black is the most popular one. Combine that with the fact that this model is filled with numerous interesting features then you will surely understand why more and more people are checking out this particular model.

Pricing is very good and considering how expensive other models can be, the Orbit Hoverboard is a good alternative for those that want a robust, high quality model with a lot to offer. It’s also very nice to use the product just because it’s portable and you can really take it with you anywhere you want. It’s a nice investment for those moments where you just want to go away and relax for a little bit, it does offer you that and the results are truly amazing in this situation.

You will like the fact that the Refurbished Orbit Hoverboard is also offering a very good speed, some of the top speeds in the industry. It’s also very easy to maneuver at high speeds which is quite amazing to be honest. You don’t have to worry about max weight, the product is easily designed in order to fit a wide range of persons and you will surely appreciate using it at all times.

With the Refurbished Orbit Hoverboard you can fully enhance your free time and the best part about this model is that you can easily customize it as you see fit. It’s an amazing experience to ride it and the fact that you can take it with you is nothing short of amazing.

If you want a good hoverboard for sale with excellent balance, decent charge time and a good maximum speed then the Orbit Hoverboard is indeed a solid investment and you should totally check it out right now, especially since it delivers so many great features into one solid product.


Around an hour

8+ mph

220 lbs.

“So I just received my Swagtron T3 today. And it is just amazing. My girlfriends daughter has a different brand but when I first stepped foot on it I instantly became addicted. There’s no doubt about it that I discovered a whole new way of being lazy. But all joking aside… this model is very worth the money. I can feel the difference in the motor feels a lot more stable. This is my first hover board surely not my last. I haven’t had any issues with the Bluetooth speaker at all they connected with my phone within seconds. I’ve been riding it all day and have no issues.”


This Orbit Hoverboard is the ultimate way to move around and have fun. The best thing about this model is that it allows you to learn how to drive with ease, and in a matter of minutes you will have no problem using it and the results will be very good.

The battery life can last up to a few hours depending on the speed you use and since the dimensions of the device are not that big to begin with you will have no problem moving around and enjoying the experience which is really nice.

The Orbit Hoverboard comes with a robust body and a very good construction that makes it suitable for both adults and children alike, not to mention that you can easily send it from one place to another if you so desire which is more than impressive in the end.

Another great thing about the Orbit Hoverboard is the fact that it brings in front incredible results and at the same time it can easily be adjusted to your needs. If you need it to go faster you can do that, or you can slow down as you see fit as well, the controls are very accurate and they are in your hands at all times which is more than impressive.

The best thing about the Orbit Hoverboard is that it has a maximum load of 220 lbs and at the same time it does tend to integrate some really exciting and truly extraordinary features unlike never before. Its balance detection is good due to the 3 accelerometers and gyro sensors integrated in it and as a whole the product does a very good job in being one of the most stable and refined hoverboards on the market.

Included in the package you will find the Orbit Hoverboard as well as a battery charger, an user manual and all the information you need about operating it. You should make sure that you follow all instructions clearly because they are telling you how to start and stop the device but also access all the other functions as well.

One thing to note about then Orbit Hoverboard is the fact that you can acquire it at a very good price and that on its own helps you obtain incredible results right off the bat. You will enjoy the unique approach, great user experience and in the end you will have the ability to spend quite a lot of memorable times on it which is what matters the most.

If you enjoy the idea of moving around using one of our hoverboards for sale then you should get this model right now, while the supplies last!

1-2 hours

12 mph

260 lbs.

“I recently found the EpikGo hoverboard on Amazon. I had heard a lot about hoverboards in the past about how they may explode this made me quite skeptical about buying a hoverboard from an online retailer. But I was happily surprised when I received it in the next few days. The EpikGo is unlike any hoverboard that I have seen before. It’s much more heavy-duty, features a few more features than I had expected and it looks nice.
To start off, I would like to talk about the usage of the board. When I first took it out it took me a little bit to get used to the board. You have to take a minute to allow the board to automatically adjust to your weight versus trying to fight with the board back and forth back and forth back and forth. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty much a breeze it’s really easy to control and it works well on bumps or small rocks, sticks etc. But I was really surprised about, I actually worked even on more terrain; for instance, it worked at the beach, it worked on some dirt roads by my house.

The overall design of the EpikGo is also pretty versatile. It has really large footpaths which made it really easy for me who have big feet actually stand on the board. That was one thing that I had a big problem with some of the other smaller hoverboards, they just didn’t work well with my feet. Another great thing about this hoverboard, are the lights. It has two sets of front bright lights which do work well at night, and also two rear turn signal lights.”

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

The ZX Smart Hoverboard is a great hoverboard for sale for kids and it allows you to have immediate control over your posture and other important features. However, it can be used by adults as well and it has a very good battery life that allows you to control it without a problem and just have fun for hours and hours as you see fit.

A major advantage for the ZX Smart Hoverboard is the fact that it’s cheaper than most of the models that you can find on the market, something that is very important and quite useful for people on a budget.

The maximum speed for this model is at around 15 mph which is very good considering how tiny the device is. But the true power of Lookatool Hoverboard is definitely the fact that it’s safe to use and you will surely appreciate the great results that come from using it right off the bat.

The riding angle on this is also very good and you will love the unique attention to detail and the great angle that you can it at. The overall weight for the ZX Smart Hoverboard is around 22 lbs so it’s very portable and you can easily take it with you if you so desire.

You don’t have to worry about the battery life because this model offers you hours of entertainment and the overall charging time is close to 1.5 hours or even less sometimes which is really neat on its own to say the least.

The coolest thing about this product is that it definitely provides you with countless hours of entertainment and it’s very portable as well which does bring in front some incredible benefits. Then there’s the fact that you are free to take it with you anywhere and thanks to the light weight using it will never be a problem.

And since you get integrated LED lights using this product is no longer an issue even during the night. With 22 lbs in weight the product is the lightest out of the entire bunch which makes it perfect for commuting or any other similar situation. It’s also quite good for a person that wants to combine running with a little relaxation time, as it does offer some nice features in that regard as well.

Thanks to the fast charging and high quality battery you can easily use this as many times as you want. It will not take a lot of time until you get the results you want because the device is created with ease of use in mind and you can rest assured that once you acquire one you will enjoy using it for sure. Don’t hesitate and invest into a ZX Smart Hoverboard right now, you will surely appreciate it!


4 hours


8+ mph

220 lbs.

“The grand kids came over today and SURPRISE–cool nana had a Hovertrax board!

We took it to the park during an off time and practiced inside the tennis court fences in order to get a feel for the board first in the training mode and then all bets were off and we went to “regular” mode. Charges in about 4 hours and will last for about an hour. The kids picked this up far more quickly than I did, but I was really surprised at how well I could balance on the board since I’m the Queen of Klutz. The kids were far more agile in picking up the commands. The board is controlled (steeling, speed, stopping) through your feet–tilting them back or forward. My biggest issue with it was the stopping–no breaks, just a gradual shifting of your feet to slow down to a gradual stop. So of course I stepped off in front of the board and got smacked with it. This provided no end of amusement to the grandchildren and I was serenaded by embarrassed screams of “NANA that is not how you do it.”

Before I let the kids ride it I outfitted them with their bike helmets and knee and elbow pads that I had purchased. It is kind of hard where I live to find paths that are totally free of gravel or small stones, but we took a few rides, after the tennis court practice, around the park paths and the Razor Hovertrax did very well even with the few loose pea sized stones we encountered. As the kids mastered the task of riding it they enjoying the 8 mph riding and leaving the rest of us in park dust. I did have visions of them flattening a dog or person, but once they mastered it they had complete control. The paths they were riding on are in a park so once or twice they had to jump off and the Razor Hovertrax went into the high grass or weedy area off the park walk as we had planned if jumping off was necessary, but all in all the kids had a great deal of fun!

This is heavy. According to the website it is 20 pounds. The charge lasts for an hour. So if you run out of power and need to carry it — it will be a long walk back!

A last note concerning safety. I went to the Razor website and they stated:

Safety First | UL Listed
Razor was the first US brand to receive the UL 2272 listing for safety, ensuring Hovertrax 2.0 meets or exceeds the highest fire and electrical standards

I also did a search on them catching fire (i.e., the lithium battery) and could find nothing to indicate that this is an unsafe vehicle.

So I’m recommending this at five stars due to the product itself, the safety of it and the ability to provide FUN!”

Segway miniPRO

The Kash Tech HoverBoard Mini was designed in order to deliver a very good user experience and at the same time it delivers a multitude of exciting and cool features that you can enjoy. It’s surely one of the best models on the market if you want a high quality experience designed with safety in mind but it does integrate some other funny and exciting ideas as well that you will enjoy.

Using the Kash Tech HoverBoard Mini is not only a lot of fun, it can be very relaxing too and since you are in complete control over the speed you will surely appreciate the entire user experience.

The integrated iRide technology combines safety with a great time. There’s no resistance so to speak, so the device is easily controllable and truly fun, which is what matters the most at all times.

Kash Tech HoverBoard Mini’s engineering is spectacular and despite the fact that it doesn’t seem complex, once you open up this device you will see the tech marvels integrated within. The interface is basic though and with just a simple layout as well as a few easy to master buttons, anyone can access and use this amazing tool without having to worry about any issues and the like.

The warranty for Kash Tech HoverBoard Mini is very good too, as you have around 6 months of warranty which is more than enough considering other options on the market. The tech support is solid and the fact that you can easily get it repaired in case of a malfunction does tend to offer you a great peace of mind that you can rarely find on the market.

The overall smoothness of this Kash Tech HoverBoard Mini is what you will enjoy the most when you use it, and it’s definitely one of the coolest things that you can do out there. It’s amazing how refined and truly professional the Kash Tech HoverBoard Mini really manages to be, but the fact that you don’t need to have any accessories is even better. The price is and remains low which means that no matter what budget you might have, this device is still accessible and a ton of fun!

The charging time can be anywhere between 1 or two hours depending on the battery state but the running time does span over multiple hours so it’s not that big of a deal. It’s nice to see that the Kash Tech HoverBoard Mini integrates a set of LEDs because it allows you to stay safe on the road even during the night or when it’s a lot of fog. All of these features combined make the Kash Tech HoverBoard Mini one of the best electric scooters on the market so don’t hesitate and try it out now, you will love it!

1-2 hours
6.2 MPH (10 km/h)
264 lbs (120 kg)
“I recently received a scooter from KASH Technology. It arrived within days of my purchase. It was very well packaged. This scooter is solid! It’s made of great quality. It offers a smooth, stable ride and the LED lights are a blast! I’ve been riding it off and on for a few days now and it’s still going strong. It obviously has a great battery. Overall, this is the best scooter I’ve ever had and I highly recommended KASH Technology. I give it 5 stars!”



Around an hour (30 mins to 80%)


Max Speed: 8+ mph

220 lbs.

“I received my Swagtron today. 7 days after ordering it arrived in my doorsteps. At first I was very sceptical of this product itself because of all the negative publicity back in 2015 Holiday Season. But after making my diligence investigation I decided to go with this brand. First of all this is the 1st hoverboard available in Amazon that is UL2272 certified. At first I have no idea what that is, I did my research and it truly is amazing all the test that this board hard to go through to make it safe. That’s why I was confident on purchasing this one. Now the fun part, learning how to ride this thing is not a work in the park. The first time I tried it, I almost fell. The key is to make sure you can hold on to something, but once you get it then it’s so hard to get off of it. My only problem now is I have to buy another one coz my 17 year old daughter pretty much claimed it. If you are looking for a safe and well made hoverboard I highly recommend this one.”



Around an hour

8+ mph

220 lbs.

“Wow – this thing is pretty amazing. My boys (9 & 12) enjoy playing with this immensely (even though they do say this is for people 13+). Neither had ever used a scooter like this when we got it, but because of the setting that helps beginners learn to balance on the device, they were rolling around in a few minutes. That said, it takes a bit of getting used to. I make them wear helmets and I’m glad I did because they’ve taken some pretty good spills on this. When you’re first learning, and just trying to balance, the scooter will shake as it tries to help the rider balance and can move suddenly without the (novice) rider anticipating it. Also, don’t try it when it isn’t on, because it will roll out from under you. But once the boys got the hang of it, it operates totally smoothly and silently. The lights make it stand out outside, but they mostly play on it inside the house, where the floors are a bit smoother – you’d never know though because you can’t hear it at all. The scooter can’t handle many of the uneven sidewalk blocks, but on relatively smooth surfaces, this this goes fast! It keeps a charge for a long time – in fact, my boys have never run down the entire battery, and it charges fully in about 2-3 hours, but you have to be careful not to leave it charging for much longer or the directions tell you it becomes dangerous. It has a message display that always lets you know what to do next and if there are any issues with it, so that also makes it easier to use and the rider more cognizant of the status of the scooter. We’ve had no errors or problems since having it. All in all, it is a really cool, fast, fun vehicle for older kids and adults, but be careful – it’s not a toy. I wouldn’t let a young child (7 and below) near it without an adult being within arms reach at all times.”

Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

2 – 3 hours

6+ mph

220 lbs.

“My husband was always hesitant to buy a hover board because of the many reports about it burning up. But with extensive research about this product its good to know that this is safe. It is guaranteed that it won’t overheat and the U.S. Government has approved Ul2722 Certification for this product as assurance that this does not overheat, spark, smoke, catch fire, etc. as stated in the description. So I was very excited to get this. As most people know this is the hottest product of the year , it is fun and thrilling.
I have been playing with this hover board for a couple days now together with my nieces, we take turns and we can’t get enough of it. We use it around our house and runs smooth even on the roads. We live in a peaceful neighborhood with not much traffic so we had to try it if it works too and it does. But of course we only did it to try but not to ride it there all the time. This hover board is heavy kinda makes you know its well made and it can hold up to 220 lbs rider. This is so easy to get used to, after maybe 2 minutes I got the hang of it. Once you know how to balance, its just easy to maneuver . If you are afraid of skateboards but think its fun this is the toy for you.

For the quality and design of this product it is superb. This is one nice looking hover board and lights up which is very cool. Easy to operate and comes with everything you need. Definitely on top of the line.”

Hoverboards for sale are an interesting topic and invention that’s about to hit the open market with a wave of enthusiasm. For years we have been waiting for these ultimate gravity defying skateboards to be available to consumers. Ever since Back to the Future 2 and 3 came out everyone has been dreaming of the day when we too could glide through the air avoiding the general obstacles that are associated with a wheel bound skate board. Now, the wait is almost over as inventors have been testing and scoping out the possibilities. So far, there have been attempts and some successes, however, nothing yet developed that could come close to the endless power and lack of restrictions that the board that Marty McFly rode throughout the movie. Incidentally, there now three known models of hoverboards that actually work and lift off, but they differ greatly in their design, let us explain.

First, there is the Omni hoverboard, but instead of gliding on a bed of air, or using electromagnetic repulsion, it’s similar to a helicopter. However, the propeller is located underneath instead of on top, so basically you’re standing on a platform, held above the ground by a rotating propeller. What happens here is the air is pushed downward to create levitation. In addition, as with other models, you are not confined to where you can fly this hoverboard. You can fly it up, down, sideways, any which way, plus you can fly it over water as well as hard surfaces. Though the concept is flawless, there are some hidden downfalls. One in particular is the battery life. It’s basically operated like a quad copter, and charged like one. The batteries are heavy and they limit the height the hoverboard can fly and the length, which is basically a couple of minutes. Another downfall, it doesn’t look very safe, especially if you are operating it in a large crowd. Crashing this hoverboard in people inhabited areas could prove hazardous.

Another choice in hoverboards that will be available to the public is the Hendo. This particular skateboard does hover, and has been ridden by Tony Hawk himself. Unlike the Omni, this hoverboard utilizes magnetic repulsion to operate. Though this is an awesome concept, it only works over a conducting surface and how many areas do you know offer an electromagnetic surface area? Maybe, not many or if any now, but if these babies do get popular it’s a good possibility that there will be several areas to fly this skateboard. Another issue they are having with the Hendo, it doesn’t really operate like a skateboard and perhaps that is why they have recruited the help of Tony Hawk with the design. Who better to get to assist with skateboards than him?

Finally, the last model that hopefully will be available for purchase in the near future is the Lexus hoverboard. It also uses magnetic repulsion for lift off, however, instead of changing magnetic fields like the Hendo does, it uses superconductors, which basically creates the same effect but the magnets are in the ground and the superconductor is incorporated into the board. This specific model of hoverboard also resembles a skateboard more than all the others, it’s also much lighter. But, because of the surface required for it to work, you’re basically confined to certain areas.

Of course, there are other boards that they consider hoverboards though they aren’t defying gravity or floating. The Hoverboard 360 Smart Balance is a good example. Though you may feel like you’re flying, you’re actually connected to the ground.  It’s a two-wheel, motorized, balancing board. It’s certainly not like any skateboard you’ve ever seen and quite popular. One of the great advantages of the 360 Smart Balance is the distance it can travel without needing to be recharged. It can go 12 miles and only takes 3-4 hours to recharge.

Another great choice for a skateboard with bells and whistles that also simulates the feeling of a hoverboard is the Hoverboard. Yes, that is what it’s called. At this time it’s only available in a pre-order status, and as we might add, highly pricey. It comes in several models; Lite, Semi, Full, Beta, and the Early Alpha Prototype, which is already sold out. In short, it’s a one wheeled hover board with Bluetooth capabilities depending on the model. The Semi and the Full model have a charge time of 16 minutes and can travel up to 12 miles, whereas, the Lite version can only travel 6 miles, and has a charge time of 45 minutes. The Beta has the capability to travel 20 miles with a charge time of 30 minutes; so really, it depends on what you’re looking for and how much you want to pay. LED lights are also available on the Full and Beta. Downfall of this hoverboard, it won’t be available until at least July 2016.

If you are in the market for a hoverboard it’s imperative that you weigh in all the pros and cons associated with all the available models. If you’re head strong on actually flying over the surface without touching, then you’ll have to limit yourself to the amount of time you can use it, and also the limited areas where you can ride it. Other alternatives offer longer battery life and we are sure, just as fun as, or more so than flying over the surface. Plus, if money isn’t an option, then go for the best available.  As hoverboards step into our realm, they are going to constantly evolve into an ideal smooth flying hovering machine, and maybe that will be worth waiting for. However, if you are like us and lack patience, by all means experience what’s available now. The perfect model will eventually come about, and we will all look back and say to ourselves “Remember when?” just like we said about Atari when Xbox came out. It can only get better with time and technology.

The History of Hoverboards

If you think about it, the first hoverboard came to life in 1953. It was developed by Hiller aircraft and was known as the “Flying Platform”. It was a direct lift rotor aircraft propelled by contra-rotating fans. To operate the aircraft, the pilot would shift his weight to determine the direction the aircraft would move. There were a total of six of these hover platforms created and they are still, to this day displayed in museums.

Then, when the box office movie “Back to the Future II” came out, Marty McFly ventured forward to the year October 21, 2015 and discovered the ultimate hovering skateboard, which, if you recall was referred to as a hoverboard. Though, that version of a hoverboard was completely fiction, it certainly caught the attention of inventors. We are now past the date October, 21, 2015, and there aren’t any mass quantities of flying skateboards or cars dominating the future, however, that doesn’t translate to their non-existence; it’s just an indication that they aren’t readily available for the public just yet.

For many years there have been several substantial ideas for creating hoverboards or hovercrafts, and the concepts were actually quite simple. One was similar to that popular game, air hockey, where a puck effortlessly glided over a cushion of air that lay between the table and the round disk. It also incorporated a cushion of air into the design and was also capable of supporting weight. However, you can’t really consider it a gravity defying design, which technically is what a hoverboard does.

Another idea was to incorporate magnets into the design. For instance, have you ever taken two magnets and tried to attach them to each other? It’s virtually impossible if they have the same polarity, and instead of attracting to each other, they actually repel one another, hence the repulsion theory. However, creating a hoverboard that operated on repulsion required an additional surface with the same magnetic polarity as the hoverboard, plus a lot of other expensive stuff in order to work properly. This actually was accomplished in 2008 by Nils Guadagnin, an artist who designed a perfect replica of the “Back to the Future” hoverboard. Though extremely cool, it was confined to its base and could not functionally carry weight. Then, in 2011 another model was developed at the Paris Diderot University. It was capable of supporting 220 lbs. but was confined to a track, which is great for a train, but not for a functional hoverboard. Actually, there has been a train invented that hovers over a track using magnetic repulsion. It’s referred to as the Maglev, which is short for magnetic levitation. Last tested, it was capable of reaching speeds up to 311 mph. Now if only we could engineer that technology into a flying skateboard.

For a while the thought of an actual hoverboard ever existing became tiresome. Everybody talked about them, but no one could actually develop one that was functional, could support the weight, and didn’t have to be tethered to a track in order to operate. Then, in March of 2014 a video surfaced, featuring the ultimate in hoverboards ridden by none other than Tony Hawk himself. This particular video that was seen on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media networks created a revolutionary firestorm. The video itself had over 16 million views and featured several people demonstrating how the hoverboard worked. Unfortunately, this video turned out to be a complete hoax and shattered the dreams of many hoping to own this one of a kind flying skateboard. After that, In October 2014 a California company known as Arx Pax finally created a functional hoverboard called the Hendo that used the magnetic levitation similar, but different than what the trains use. However, the downfall to this particular model was it needed to be operated on a metal conductive field and would only fly for 3 minutes before needing a recharge. Not much time to experience a gravity defying thrill ride.

Awkwardly enough, the next model created was engineered out of leaf blowers. Yes, you heard me right, leaf blowers. The funny thing was, it actually worked and could support 160 lbs. This particular hoverboard could be purchased as a kit for around $420. In addition, it did not require a metal conductive field to operate, which was a plus if riding leaf blowers was your thing.

May 2015 proved to be a giant leap in hoverboard history as it also created a world record for the most air-time on a propeller-powered hoverboard. Catalin Alexandru Duru, a Canadian inventor, created his very own hoverboard in 12 months using propeller power. He was able to hover 10 feet above water and travel 900 feet. It could have been longer, but he was at the mercy of his batteries, which didn’t last very long.

In the summer of 2015 a new hoverboard emerged. It was compared to the video hoax in 2014 because the critics say they have never witnessed anyone ride it. So, later that summer, Lexus recruited pro skater Ross McGouran to take it for a spin and finally put to rest the hoax rumors. However, just like many of the previous inventions, this particular model also tethered the rider to a specific area where required magnets were set in place; this made it an impractical form of transportation and limited your travel possibilities.

Finally, in October 2015, Arx Pax came out with details regarding a second Hendo model that was similar in design to the original, but was equipped with more bells and whistles, like longer battery life, a USB port, a thinner design, and an emergency easy on and off switch.

Today, the future of functional hoverboards is guaranteed. Technology is constantly improving, and with lots of trial and error it will eventually be mastered. If you recall, Orville and Wilbur Wright didn’t succeed the first time they set out to create a flying machine, and no one thought it would ever happen, but it did. It’s the same with hoverboards, and just like the old VHS machines, wheels will become obsolete, and we will find ourselves living in a generation of nothing but flying machines for transportation.